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All About the
American Male Slave Market
A website exclusively for the Gay BDSM and Fetish Community.


The American Male Slave Market (AMSM) was founded in July of 1998. It began as a lark... a diversion for me, but soon had developed a loyal and sizeable following. The original concept was that there was a need for a structured environment where images and information regarding Gay BDSM media could be preserved and shared. This was long before E-groups, MSN communities and so forth. In fact it was during a time where the only way for members of our community to communicate was through a Usenet newsgroup called

While the AMSM began as a simple archive of vintage images from out of print or hard to find magazines, it soon developed into a much larger site working with more contemporary images. People were finding images from films, books, magazines and works of art on news groups and websites, and wanted more information. Where could they get the film or other media from which their favorite images were drawn? It was this question that formed the Basis for the development of the American Male Slave Market.

The Communities

In short, there are Three mutually interdependent communities which are served by the AMSM. The first and largest is the community of online users, who enjoy uploading and sharing images that they find attractive, and the second is the producers of Gay fetish adult media who wish to sell their products to the community, and finally the third is the community of webmasters of Gay BDSM and fetish oriented sites.

The AMSM serves the gay BDSM community by providing a vast archive of images, and the capacity to share not only the images themselves, but their own knowledge regarding the source of the images be they films, magazines or even other websites. The AMSM also serves this community by providing discussion forums, chat services, personal profiles, photo ads for Masters and Slaves, and an online newspaper called Slavery Today.

The AMSM serves both the producers of Gay Fetish media, and gay fetish websites by providing a forum which showcases their work, and provides interested parties with both access to and information regarding their work. Films (and soon additional products) are available at "The Bazaar" and web links are available through the "Friends of the AMSM," which allows webmasters to promote their site through the display of a selection of their original works, along with a conservative banner and link.

Our Principles Of Operation

We adhere to a strict set of principles. These principles are self imposed, well thought-out and are designed to demonstrate both that we don't need legislation to tell us how to behave, and to provide the greatest longevity and stability for our community in the form of an educational and entertaining resource.

Good Net Citizenry

Since the very beginning adult media on the web has been a controversial topic. We believe very strongly in freedom of speech and freedom of communication. But we also believe in supporting a parents right to choose what information their child may or may not have access to on the web. It is for that reason that the AMSM is a completely self contained website. All explicit images and services are contained within the pay area. Access to the pay area is possible only through use of a credit card. While the AMSM will post suggestive images outside of the pay area, it will never post or share unedited or sexually explicit images where minors may readily access them.

But Being a good net citizen isn't just about "other people's children" it is also about providing honest service, personal communication and maintaining a level of both personal integrity and ethical business practices.

Design Integrity

The AMSM is exactly what it purports to be. A site for the exchange of images and information of interest to the Gay BDSM community. It is a Marketplace where adults may purchase films and other media, and a community where users may share information and images, chat, post personal ads and much more. We will never use pop-up ads or other misleading links. We will always deliver what we promise, in the very best manner and timeframe possible.

No Recurring Billing

All access to the AMSM is granted exclusively through the purchase of a product know as a DirecPassport. All DirecPassports are one time charges only. There is no recurring billing, no subscription to cancel, and no accounts to keep track of. You simply purchase access to the members area for the timeframe you wish. You may extend that account as much or as little as you would like using the on site tools. But, you are not in any way required to do so. It's all up to you. Become a member, stay a member or become a long-term member, or just let it slide and allow your account to expire normally.

Personal and Honest operation

While we have, by necessity automated certain tasks, in the end there is always a human being at the other end of your transactions with us. We will always do our best to resolve any difficulties you may have in as timely a manner possible. Please know that any inquiries regarding access to the site and charges on your credit card are always answered personally within 24 to 48 hours and free time will always be added to your account should you lose any due to any delays in communication with us. In other words, if you communicate with us and let us know about a problem you are having we will not cheat you, we'll just fix the problem for you and get you rolling again.


The AMSM is a self funded site. We do not use any invested or lent money to operate or develop the AMSM. The money paid by the users of the AMSM for the DirecPassport, Films, other products or services are used exclusively for the maintenance, development, and expansion of the AMSM. This may include the purchase or lease of servers, other hardware or software, bandwidth, server co-location, system and content administration and acquisition of films or other media and other associated costs.

Our principle of Self Development allows us tremendous flexibility in terms of the day-to-day operations of the site, but also requires that we move slowly in terms of expansion and site development. As those of you who have been with us know, the AMSM has gone through many and various changes since 1998, and these changes have been sometimes subtle and sometimes dramatic. This development will continue until we have exhausted all possible types of development and have created and established every desirable and conceivable service that may be of interested to the Membership of the AMSM.


As you know the AMSM is a pay site. Any site as large and comprehensive as the AMSM must by necessity be a pay site. The monthly expenses for operating such a site are astronomical. The DirecPassports we offer are priced in such a manner as to support our principle of self-development. The prices are not arbitrary, but are based on actual expenses and on-going development and maintenance costs. In fact, I think it's important to note that over it's 5 year history, the AMSM has had only one major price change, and that change was voted upon and in fact voted in by the members of the AMSM.

It was pointed out to me recently that the cost of a Long Term DirecPassport (normally a one-time-charge of $99.95 but currently on special at $79.95) is only $8.00 a month (or about 27 cents per day) and that seems like a very fair price when you consider both all that we offer, and the fact that no other pay site even begins to approach the size of the AMSM. All the other term based or recurring pay sites I know of are more expensive, and most don't even begin to approach the AMSM in terms of comprehensive content and services.

On-going development and plans

As of the Date of this posting, the AMSM is about half way through it's planned development for the year 2002-2003. Naturally if we finish this years developments early, we'll get started right away on the next set of services and software and so forth. Without hiring staff everything takes longer to do that it would on a much more expensive site. I do not want to raise prices, simply because I want to be sure the site remains reasonably accessible to as many members of our community as is possible. This means spending more time in developing software and services, rather than spending money to have it developed for us.

Your participation is absolutely critical

Finally, I want you to know that once you are a member of the AMSM, your participation, opinions and suggestions are always warmly received. The Archives need you to share your collections and your knowledge about images already there. The Discussion forums (called T-groups) are available to you for conversations that are of interest to the whole community or groups within the community, and the Chat services, message center, classified ads and photo ads are there for more one-on-one communication. As always there are polls - questions about what you would like to see in the future of the AMSM both in terms of content and services. When you join - please vote on the questions. It really does matter.

More Information

If you have specific questions regarding the AMSM, please feel free to view our FAQ page at or you may contact Master Tentaka through Customer Service Below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you will feel free to join us by purchasing a DirecPassport. Just go to our sign up page to Join Us!.

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